Own your platform

Custom NFT Marketplaces. No code required.

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Finally, a platform in your own hands

Artiva turns the concept of an NFT platform on its head. Instead of the one size fits all approach you can customize your artistic platform and work with the artists you want. Build a unique platform that fits with the theme of your next collection, collaboration or event.

  • Invite artists you want to work with
  • Customize branding to fit your art style.
  • Mint and sell directly on your platform
  • Import artworks from zora

Build an NFT platform in minutes

Create a community around your influence and connections. Artiva lets you invite artists to your platform and receive platform fees on every sale. Build an NFT platform for your gallery, record label or DAO.

  • Take platform fees on artworks sold
  • Customize branding to fit your curated artworks
  • Host timed auctions directly on your platform
  • Approve or deny auction requests from your artists

Give your art the home it deserves

Artiva allows anyone to build their own NFT art platforms. Make custom sites to match your created or curated artworks,
collaborate with artists and unlock the true potential of NFTs.

Backed by ZORA

Artiva uses the Zora protocol to securely mint and auction your NFTs. Your art can be discovered on Zora even when imported or minted from your platform.

Secured by ETH

All NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The largest, most decentralized blockchain for applications with the strongest NFT collector base.


Customizable branding let you design a site that matches your brands style or artistic aesthetics, No more cookie cutter profiles and galleries.